Graham Kolling

Hi, my name is Graham although most people know me as G-man. I’ve been a gym/studio instructor since 2010 and a Personal Trainer since 2014. I have taught classes at Active4less Burnham in Buckinghamshire since 2012, in fact since this club opened and during time have built up a very loyal following.

I have a passion for keeping fit and staying in good shape and tailor all my classes to incorporate the kind of routines that achieve this, including circuit training (active circuits).

I am Level 3 qualified in Pilates, which puts me in a good position to help with postural problems and any aches and pains you may have, I am always happy to help, just ask, or better still give my classes a whirl.

I enjoy running and have completed numerous half & full marathons so have a good knowledge for you to tap into if you’re thinking of taking up running. I was also a keen kick-boxer and have belonged to a Dragon boat team and competed at a National level.

Come and try my classes they’re a lot of fun to participate in, there’s always a good vibe along with some hard work and beginners and all levels of fitness are always welcome to any of my classes.

• Monday: Spin Max – Stretch & Tone
• Tuesday: Spin Fit – Hips, Bums& Tums
• Wednesday: Active Circuits (Circuit Training) – Stretch & Tone – Active Fit Pimp – Pilates
• Thursdays: Studio Cycling
• Friday – Pure Power

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