How does FitSense help our members?

Most people think motivation to exercise is down to willpower, but research shows that it’s far far more than this.

If you’ve spent your life dipping in and out of exercise and struggling to stick with anything long enough to yield the results you want,
it’s down to one simple fact – the psychological needs that make you stick with something and form an enjoyable habit, have not been satisfied… Until now!

So, stop beating yourself up about being lazy or weak minded and start developing a healthy obsession with getting fit and feeling great.

Fitsense App

The FitSense app is our membership booking & check-in system which has been developed in line with the latest psychological research. It is designed to satisfy emotional drivers and stimulate a healthy obsession with getting fit.

The FitSense app allows us to send direct to members regarding class updates, promotions, personalised individual support and advice.

The main feature of FitSense is the ability to check out our class timetable and book in real-time. The app also allows your to check your current class bookings and manage with a couple a simples taps.

FitSense is also a great workout tool. The app is full of workouts, each with it’s own picture and video to help guide you on your fitness journey. The app even lets you track your sets and reps.

The FitSense app allows the club to create personalised meal plans for you. The app also provides members with education on the nutritional side of reaching your health and fitness goals.

FitSense is usually priced at £6.99 per month but is totally FREE with a membership at our club!