Gym Owner/Personal Trainer

Des Elliott

“I’m the MD and one of the owners. I’m an expert in fitness/weight training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. Come and chat to me at the gym and I will share my knowledge through an individual plan.”

Gym Owner

Bev Hahn

“As one of the owners, I feel it’s important to be prepared to do anything I expect my colleagues to do.”

Club Manager/Personal Trainer

Alex Hay

“I’ve been a trainer at Active Fitness Club Burnham for more than 3 years and I’ve been working out here for 5. I design workout plans, run classes, help people with their training, and help the owners run the gym.”

Fitness Instructor

Lewis Pether

“I’m a trainer at Active Fitness Club Burnham. I started training at 15 years old and now compete in natural bodybuilding. I have a strong interest in the science behind training, deciding to take a scientific approach to training to get results. I run classes and design custom workout plans.”