Types Of Fitness Training

Types of fitness training at Active Fitness Club, Burnham

Active Fitness Club have a great fitness gym team with some of the best and motivated trainers in Burnham. Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, postural improvement, nutritional advice, different types of fitness training for a sport or event, there will be a fitness trainer who can help you achieve your goal.

Our trainers are regularly sent on workshops, seminars, and conventions to further their training knowledge and help bring you the results you want from a highly skilled gym team providing different types of fitness training.

Gym Induction
Gym Induction - Types Of Fitness Training

Learn how to use the gym equipment effectively and safely by letting our trainers teach you what to do.

Programme Session
Programme Session - Types Of Fitness Training

Our experienced trainers can work with you to design a custom workout plan tailored to you and your goals.

Zumba - Types Of Fitness Training

Combining dance and fitness moves to burn calories whilst having fun!

Spin Cycling
Studio Spin Cycling - Types Of Fitness Training

Fitness on a bike, great for those who want to burn some body fat.

Cardio & Weights
Cardio and Weights - Types Of Fitness Training

Build your endurance, strength and overall fitness with this varied full body workout.

Pilates - Types Of Fitness Training

Tone up and work on your balance while you improve your flexibility and strength.

Yoga - Types Of Fitness Training

Flowing movements and positions working of flexibility breathing and mindset.

Hi/Low Aerobics & Tone
Hi Low Aerobics and Tone

Combine low impact aerobic movements with higher impact strength training movements.

Active Weights Workout
Active Weights Workout

Build your endurance, strength and overall fitness with this varied full body workout.

Tabata Workout
Tabata Workout

2:1 work to rest ratio H.I.I.T workout burning body fat not only in the gym but throughout your day.

Active Wake-up Workout
Active Wake Up Workout

Start your day off right with this early morning workout to burn body fat throughout the day.


Combining fighting and fitness moves to burn calories whilst having fat!

Active Core & Stretch
Active Core and Stretch

This class takes you through progressive stretches for each major muscle group, all the while ensuring great core engagement, to improve range of movement and posture.

Legs, Bums & Tums
Legs, Bums and Tums

Build muscle and lose fat with a workout designed to tone the legs, bum and stomach.

Pure Power
Pure Power

Strength and power exercises to build muscle and increase strength. Burning body fat throughout the day as you recover. 


Combining Yoga and Pilates moves for benefits to both flexibility and core strength.


High intensity interval training short bursts of exercise with equal rest periods to burn large amounts of body fat.


30 Minute high intensity workout to burn body fat, get fitter and stronger.

Body Sculpt
Body Sculpt

Burn calories, get fitter and stronger using a mixture of gym equipment and your own body in this H.I.I.T workout!

Cardio & Core
Cardio and Core

Mixing cardio exercises with core exercises to burn body fat and tone the tummy.